Michael is a native of sunny Southern California. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Michael decided to take on the pursuit of yet another impossible career path, his acting career. He was an artist since he could use his little fingers to mix paint, and a poet since he could fashion words to express emotions. Michael’s true love is music. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of art by creating musical recordings, playing the piano, producing songs, writing short stories, painting original material, and creating digital art on a regular basis. Along with acting in front of a camera, Michael also enjoys performing on the theatrical stage. Long story short, Michael likes to get creative and to make art come to life.

Michael also likes to give back and pay his experience forward. Through the years he has been blessed to mentor those seeking guidance in their art. He provides Vocal lessons, studio demo recording, as well as marketing consultations regarding design and strategy. He is a firm believer that advertising is art and continues to actively study branding on a daily basis.