Need to record an original song? Look no further! Michael provides 1 on 1 studio time to get your track sparkling exactly the way you want it to. Contact him at for pricing and availability.

Creative Marketing Consulting:

Need marketing advice? Need help with your Logo? Is your branding not holding together? Michael can help! He brings to the table his creative expression which has proven to cross any media. Contact him for pricing and availability.

Vocal Lessons:

With over 12 years of experience teaching, Michael pays his learning forward by teaching voice lessons to very serious students. Contact him at for pricing and availability.

Graphic Design:

Bold pop art is a great way to grab attention and make an impression, just as simplicity is the ultimate form of elegance. What happens when you marry subtlety, elegance, and drama? What if you could present yourself and your brand with full confidence that it is a totally authentic representation of you? Do you need a photo to sparkle? With 20 years of experience in visual art, Michael’s team can help you make your vision come to life.


Figures, abstract concepts, and nature.  If you can dream it, I can render it. Do you need an artist on your team to put shapes and color to your brilliant ideas? Look no further! Experienced in both hand drawn and digital rendering.


Produce layered patterns for print, textiles, and luxury high end carpets. Background in traditional and contemporary Swedish, Morrocan, Persian, Chinese, French, English, and American art. Do you have a concept or project that relies heavily on patterns?